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STC - Sublimation To Cotton transfer paper and powder solution


STC - Sublimation To Cotton transfer paper and powder solution

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Product Description: STC - Sublimation To Cotton transfer paper and powder solution for Light-color 100% Cotton (A4) textile products


3010-A3*100 (100 Sheets)
3010-A4*25 (25 Sheets)

The Sublimation To Cotton process enables the user to transfer onto white and pastel cotton fabrics using the traditional sublimation process. This product is perfect for full color photos, vector graphics and lines. No excess polymer appears on the garments and requires no trimming or weeding.

STC allows full color images to be transferred onto a large variety of white or pastel colored fabrics, including 100% cotton, while retaining a soft, stretchable and image only transfer. The durability of the transfer in washings is matched to a screen printed image. By using the specialty paper and powder, they will allow only the transfer of the sublimation inks to the garment, as the paper does not transfer any coating. The powder is specially formulated to deter the sublimation inks from migrating and retain a crisp and sharp image over time.

Foil and flock can also be used after the transfer to add extra effects to the image. This will add an extra dimension to your image. If looking to only decorate a garment with foil or flock, the use of a regular inkjet printer and ink can be used to obtain the foil or flock transfer onto any color fabric.

Temperature: 190 degrees Celsius
Time: 30 seconds

Pressure: Medium

Peels: Cold
Printing Settings:  Mirror, Print Side down
Recommended Fabrics:White or light-colored cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, Lycra®, and some nylons

Recommended Printers:All desktop Sublimation inkjet printers

Compatible with: Sublimation inks

Printing: Ensure to print with a border of at least ½”. Avoid printing edge to edge on the paper. Print using mirror image mode. Print on the unprinted side. If paper has a slight curl, bend the paper gently in opposite direction to reduce. Select paper setting:  “Plain Paper” mode and “High Speed” setting.  Print 1 sheet at a time as the powder process requires the ink to be wet. Avoid printing multi-sheets as the inks will smear when pages come out of the printer on top of each other.  Avoid finger contact with wet ink once printed.

Dry Powder Application:  Place dry powder inside a letter size or tabloid size plastic container at least 3” in height. Recommend using a container which can be sealed for proper storage of the dry powder. Ensure there are no powder lumps inside the container by breaking them up. Apply the dry powder onto the printed surface by sprinkling over the wet ink or by dragging the paper through the dry powder inside the container. Ensure all the ink is properly covered with the dry powder. Shake off any excessive powder into the tray for future use by tabbing the paper gently. Transferring Instructions: Place the Subli Cotton paper onto the heat press with printed side up. Close the heat press 2” from the paper for 30 seconds (375° F / 190º C ) in order to cure the ink and powder. Careful not to smudge the ink and powder as it will still be sensitive to touch. Place the Subli Cotton paper onto the fabric carefully in order to avoid smudging the image. Once placed, try not to move sideways. Only lift the paper upwards carefully if a correction is required. Press the image at 375° F / 190º C for 30 seconds using moderate pressure. Peel cold or after 40 seconds, diagonally from one corner to another in a smooth even motion while holding the fabric down with the other hand.

Important notes:

    • Wash in cold or hot water.
    • Iron the shirt’s image surface from the back of the fabric.

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