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Request for Paper Sample Pack

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Not sure which transfer paper is best for you? Not to worry, we have created a sample pack of the paper we carry. 

Find the paper that is right for you!

Important notes:

    • Please fill your contact details and your purpose for the papers.
    • Please write in the message box your consent to receive email from Subli-art.
    • Additional information can be found in each paper product page.

    Which paper, does what?

    Dual Use Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

    Dual Use Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper for White or light color polyester fabric garment or sublimation blanks.

    RED GRID - Inkjet Heat transfer paper for Light-color 100% Cotton (A4) textile products

    Fade resistant; brilliant after multiple washings; Natural soft cloth with silk-screen look
    Shelf life Minimum of 2 years from ship date (ideal storage conditions)

    Five Star Green - Inkjet transfer paper for Light-color 100% Cotton textile products

    Five Star Green is a fast-drying product that can be transferred with a home iron or an industrial heat press, with a complete, easy release. The result is a vibrant product with an incredible soft-hand feel, and excellent stretch, breathability, and washability.

    Five Star HITEMP PLUS XPRESS - laser transfer paper for Light-colored cotton

    Five Star HITEMP PLUS XPRESS paper is for the new general of color laser copiers and printers. It has been redesigned for use with all Xerox® EA toner copiers and printers, and a variety of other color laser copiers and printers. It transfers with less heating time onto most white or light-colored fabrics, and washes extremely well with a stretchable and breathable soft-hand feel.

    STC - Sublimation To Cotton transfer paper and powder solution

    The Sublimation To Cotton process enables the user to transfer onto white and pastel cotton fabrics using the traditional sublimation process. This product is perfect for full color photos, vector graphics and lines. No excess polymer appears on the garments and requires no trimming or weeding.

    CottonCanDo - Sublimation Flock

    CottonCanDo is a heat sealable flock-film for Sublimation printing.  CottonCanDo uses an exclusive polyester microfiber, and 100% polyurethane resins.

    CottonCanDo has an excellent washing fastness (up to 60°C - 140°F), is very light and stretchable, and gives outstanding printing results.


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