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Luxe SG Ink For Ricoh 3300


Luxe SG Ink For Ricoh 3300

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For Ricoh SG 3300 Subli-art™ Premium Sublimation Gel formulation ink for Ricoh printing system.
Compatible with Ricoh SG 3300.
Closed cartridge for high reliability solution gel based formulation for soft and hard substrate.



4120-3300-C: C ink cartridge: (1 cartridge)

4120-3300-M: M ink cartridge: (1 cartridge)

4120-3300-Y: Y ink cartridge: (1 cartridge)

4120-3300-K: K ink cartridge: (1 cartridge)

4120-3300-S: One SET (4 cartridges)


C, M, Y, K = 30 ml


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