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Coated Acrylic Sheet


Coated Acrylic Sheet

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SKU: 6223

Product Description: Coated Acrylic Sheet For Sublimation And Design
Available Sizes: 60 × 60 cm
Available Colors: White
Printable Area: The Whole Area
Press Time: 120 seconds
Press Temp: 180˚C
Recommended to place parchment paper over and underneath (Inside the jig)
* Raw material for laser cutting, printing and shape designing

User Operating Instructions For Acrylic Sublimation:
1) Print the transfer paper
2) Peel off the protective nylon of the acrylic Subliphoto before printing on it
3) Attach the printed transfer paper to printable side of the acrylic Subliphoto with a piece of masking tape, to prevent it from moving
4) Place in your heat press
5) Take out of the heat-press and place it inside the jig (in case you have a jig for the whole size of the acrylic sheet) then, cover the jig with its other (top) part and press for about 10 seconds.
Otherwise: use the hot acrylic in the way you wish to make a desirable design (the acrylic is soft and easy to design when it’s hot)
6) Let the acrylic Subliphoto cool at room temperature for one minute. After that, take it out of the jig
>>>it is ready to go…

*** If you are not willing to use the whole sheet at once for 1 big design, then, separate it into as many parts as you willing to and use them inside the regular jigs that we offer ***

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