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Starting 2018 with wider range of exciting new products

Subli-art new products are now available for you at Liege Belgium warehouse.



Subli-art new products:

 - Epson WF5110 Dye-Sub printing solution based on closed ink cartridges (printers and cartridges)

 - Domino game

 - Shaped thin glass (various shapes)

 - Car sun shades

 - Neoprene pencil case

 - Cleaning gel cartridges for Ricoh 3110

 - Cleaning gel cartridges for Ricoh 3300

 - LUXE Subli-Gel ink cartridges for Ricoh 3300

 - LUXE HDS ink cartridges for Epson 5110

 - Low profile plastic stand

 - Moon folding chair for kids

 - Clock mechanism with arms

 - Acrylic SubliPhoto (various types)

 - Satin string bag

 - Polyester string bag

 - Storage box-chair (various colors)

 - Milan 'heart' wooden clock 

 - Athens wooden clock

 - Towel with hood for kids

 - Sublimation wooden block

 - Elegant easel

 - Budapest wooden clock

 - Buenos Aires wooden clock

 - 3 chamber pencil case (various colors)

 - Inflatable armchair for kids

* For further information or order, please call: +44.3330112211